Central Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance in the Greater Gasport Area

As a resident of the Greater Gasport, New York area, you know just how hot the summers can be. Beat the heat and stay comfortable with a new high-efficiency central air conditioning installation or maintain your current A/C with repair services, annual tune-ups, and troubleshooting. At Drum Oil & Propane, we can provide it all at an affordable cost that works for your home comfort budget.

One of the best ways to reduce your New York energy bills is to invest in high-efficiency cooling equipment. The newer your central A/C unit is, the less electricity it will need to provide the same cool air you’re used to. Get in touch with our professional team of A/C installation technicians today to get a no-obligation quote on a central air conditioning system that will fit your home and keep your family comfortable during the hot season.

Advantages of Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central A/Cs are ideal for homes with existing ductwork in place from your heating system configuration. If you already have ductwork in place for your heating system, your central air conditioning installation can be half the cost of adding it to a home without ducts.

  • Enjoy even cooling distribution throughout your entire home
  • Unobtrusive vents won’t conflict with your interior décor or use of space
  • Achieve maximum control of how much your cooling system operates with a compatible programmable thermostat
  • Choose among ENERGY STAR rated models

To learn more about central air conditioning or to get a quote on a new installation, get in touch with the pros at Drum Oil & Propane!