Convenient Automatic Fuel Delivery for Western NY Communities

At Drum Oil & Propane, we want to make getting your fuel as easy as possible. That’s why we offer automatic oil and propane delivery free to our valued customers throughout the Gasport and Albion areas. If you already choose Drum Oil & Propane for heating oil or propane delivery, you’re already accustomed to convenient comfort thanks to our dependable home delivery, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer service.  To make you even more comfortable, we offer automatic delivery to take the hassle out of your heating season.

How Does It Work?

We’ll monitor your tank level using state-of-the-art tank monitoring technology and degree-day calculations to create a custom fuel delivery schedule just for your home. We’ll also track daily outdoor temperatures and regular fuel usage along with factors, such as personal heating preferences and house size. With automatic delivery, you can skip the stress of manually ordering fuel and arranging your busy schedule around delivery dates, knowing that we’ve got it taken care of.

Why Sign Up for Automatic Oil or Propane Delivery?

  • Total Convenience: You can count on our service team to deliver fuel when you need it. Our efficient monitoring system will keep track of your fuel usage and schedule deliveries accordingly.
  • Smarter Spending: Make the most of your heating budget. Our automatic delivery service creates a delivery schedule based on educated estimates. More effective fill-ups translate into more efficient fuel use, which means lower annual energy costs.
  • Improved Protection: Running out of heating oil or propane can cause significant damage and unnecessary safety risks. Customers that sign up for auto-delivery minimize the likelihood of a no-fuel emergency.
Don’t hesitate to enroll in automatic delivery today! Make the heating season much more enjoyable with our convenient service. Contact us to learn more about signing up.

*Safety Tip: Customers who choose automatic delivery should still check their fuel gauge every so often as a safety precaution. An increase in fuel usage, like additional household members, should be shared with your energy provider.