High-Efficiency Oil and Propane Boiler Installations in NY

If you’ve noticed a gradual increase in heating oil or propane costs over the years your family has lived in your Western New York home, you could save big with a high-efficiency boiler installation or upgrade. As oil and propane boilers decline over time, their efficiency drops, and they burn more fuel to provide the same amount of heat and home comfort you’re used to. Along with saving money on your propane or fuel oil deliveries, you’ll also cut back on the needed repairs and emergency service calls you may need with an older, less reliable boiler. Drum Oil & Propane proudly offers complimentary propane and oil boiler equipment quotes. Contact us to request yours today.


Do You Need a High-Efficiency Boiler Installation or Upgrade?

The good thing about propane boilers and fuel oil boilers is that they tend to give us signs when they need a replacement. Check out this list to find out some of the ways you can easily determine if your boiler needs a replacement:

  • Some rooms in your home are much warmer or much colder than others
  • Your oil- or propane-fired boiler is more than 12 years old
  • You are paying more yearly for home heating oil or propane
  • You deal with recurring breakdowns and repairs throughout the winter
  • You notice clunking sounds or suspicious smells coming from your boiler

Does one or more of these signs sound familiar? If so, contact Drum Oil & Propane to get a free boiler installation quote and schedule your new, high-efficiency oil or propane boiler installation today. We look forward to servicing your New York home!